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Many residents of Southern California enjoy motorcycling, taking advantage of the wonderful California weather. Motorcycles are also a very popular hobby. Despite being an enjoyable means of conveyance, however, motorcycles are also inherently more dangerous than most other types of vehicles, and it is imperative for riders to understand the risks motorcycles present. While there are several ways riders can protect themselves and prevent accidents, it is still important for motorcyclists to know what to do after a motorcycle accident. Reach out to a qualified Long Beach motorcycle accident attorney at Harting Simkins & Ryan, LLP if you were injured in a motorcycle crash caused by the negligence of another party.

Injuries and Damages in Long Beach Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are open, leaving riders exposed to the elements and external forces. While passenger vehicles offer protection in the form of sturdy frames, doors, and crash-resistant technologies, motorcycles have no such defenses. Additionally, motorcycles are much smaller than most other vehicles on the road, making it difficult for some drivers to notice them and avoid collisions.

Riders are generally at the mercy of their own skill and the safe driving of others. Many riders understand this risk and wear appropriate safety equipment, such as road leathers and helmets. Unfortunately, while these devices may mitigate injuries and save lives, they do not provide 100% protection from injuries in accidents. Many motorcycle accidents can lead to injuries and damages including:

  • Property damage. A motorcycle that has been in a crash is more than likely going to suffer extreme if not total damage.
  • Broken bones. Riders who fall from their motorcycles are highly likely to break bones upon impact. Bone fractures range from mild hairline breaks that heal easily with time, to serious compound fractures that can become entry points for dangerous infections and diseases.
  • Lacerations. Debris from a crash or on the road can lead to deep cuts that require extensive restorative care.
  • Spinal cord injuriesWhen a crash violently throws a motorcyclist from his or her vehicle, he or she may suffer twisting or impact wounds to the spine. Unlike most of the rest of the human body, the spinal cord cannot self-repair, and a spinal cord injury often entails permanent disabilities such as limited mobility or paralysis.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A blow to the head can certainly cause a TBI such as a concussion, and more significant impacts can cause internal bleeding, nd other life-threatening issues. Even mild concussions can lead to a host of problems that can be long lasting. Wearing a Department of Transportation-approved motorcycle helmet will not prevent every possible head injury, but they have been proven to save lives.

Call a Long Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney If You’ve Been Injured

If you have suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident and believe another person’s actions are to blame, it is important to act quickly if you want to recover an acceptable amount of compensation. Depending on the specifics of your case, you could potentially collect repayment for the damage to your motorcycle and other belongings, reimbursement for your medical expenses, and even compensation for the time your injuries forced you to stay home from work, and/or the pain and suffering they caused. If a loved one has died in a motorcycle crash, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim in lieu of a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. In any situation, a qualified Long Beach personal injury attorney will be a tremendous asset to your case.

The lawyers at Harting Simkins & Ryan, LLP want to help injured victims recover the compensation they deserve for the negligent acts of others. Our firm understands the unique challenges facing motorcyclists in the Southern California region and wants them to know we are ready to handle any type of motorcycle accident case. Contact us for more information about California’s motorcycle laws, or let us know if you’d like to consult with one of our motorcycle accident lawyers in Long Beach, CA. To schedule your free initial legal consultation, call our office at (562) 981-1010.