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How Much Is Your Car Accident Case Worth?

If you or somebody you love sustains an injury or property damage in a vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you should be able to recover compensation. This compensation could come through a settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier or as a result of a personal injury lawsuit against the other… read more

How Much is Your Catastrophic Injury Case Worth?

Catastrophic injuries are those that significantly affect a person’s quality of life. Generally, these types of injuries are defined as severe and usually lead to some sort of permanent disability, scarring, or disfigurement. Due to the nature of the severity of catastrophic injuries, these claims are typically worth more than traditional personal injury cases. Here,… read more

Can You Switch Personal Injury Lawyers In The Middle of a Case?

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another individual and are working to recover compensation through a lawsuit, there is a good chance you have a lawyer by your side already. These claims can be difficult, and having an attorney assisting you through the process is crucial. However, will you be able to… read more

What Is Workplace Retaliation? 

No individual should have to face unfair treatment in the workplace, including retaliation from a supervisor or their employer. Retaliation can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, employees face backlash for reporting unsafe working conditions or discrimination in the workplace. In other cases, individuals face retaliation simply because of who they are, particularly if… read more

Limits to At-Will Employment in California

Most areas around the country are considered at-will employment states, including California. This means a few things. First, an employer can terminate an employee at any time, with or without cause. Additionally, this means that an employee can leave their job for any reason without giving their employer notice. However, the at-will employment doctrine does… read more

Can You Sue a Toxic Workplace in California For Emotional Damages?

Work can be stressful sometimes, but there is such a thing as a toxic workplace. When a workplace becomes toxic, this can lead to significant emotional and psychological stress for workers. Not every toxic workplace revolves around illegal activity, but if the employer was negligent or intentionally inflicted emotional distress, California workers may be able… read more

Suing Your California Employer For a Slip and Fall Injury at Work

If you or somebody you care about has sustained a slip and fall injury at work in California, there is a good chance you will need compensation for medical bills and maybe even lost wages if you are unable to work. Most California employees are able to recover workers’ compensation in these situations, but it… read more

Are California Landlords Liable for Slip and Fall Injuries?

It can be confusing to understand who is responsible for slip and fall injuries that occur on rented property. Will the tenant be responsible for covering their own medical bills or paying compensation to someone injured in their home, or will the landlord be responsible? Liability for a slip and fall injury will depend on… read more

Do I Have to Give My Insurance Company a Recorded Statement?

The aftermath of sustaining an injury can be a confusing time, particularly when it comes to dealing with insurance carriers. However, in order to recover compensation, there will need to be some type of contact with the insurance carrier. But do you have to give a recorded statement to the insurance carrier? This is important… read more

Can Your Airbag Cause a Concussion?

Airbags are designed to help lessen the severity of head and brain trauma in the event a vehicle accident occurs. However, can the airbag itself cause a person to sustain a concussion or a more severe traumatic brain injury? Here, we want to examine whether or not airbags can lead to injuries in their own… read more