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Suing Your California Employer For a Slip and Fall Injury at Work

If you or somebody you care about has sustained a slip and fall injury at work in California, there is a good chance you will need compensation for medical bills and maybe even lost wages if you are unable to work. Most California employees are able to recover workers’ compensation in these situations, but it… read more

Are California Landlords Liable for Slip and Fall Injuries?

It can be confusing to understand who is responsible for slip and fall injuries that occur on rented property. Will the tenant be responsible for covering their own medical bills or paying compensation to someone injured in their home, or will the landlord be responsible? Liability for a slip and fall injury will depend on… read more

Do I Have to Give My Insurance Company a Recorded Statement?

The aftermath of sustaining an injury can be a confusing time, particularly when it comes to dealing with insurance carriers. However, in order to recover compensation, there will need to be some type of contact with the insurance carrier. But do you have to give a recorded statement to the insurance carrier? This is important… read more

Can Your Airbag Cause a Concussion?

Airbags are designed to help lessen the severity of head and brain trauma in the event a vehicle accident occurs. However, can the airbag itself cause a person to sustain a concussion or a more severe traumatic brain injury? Here, we want to examine whether or not airbags can lead to injuries in their own… read more

Can Undocumented California Residents Seek Legal Representation? 

According to the Pew Research Center, California has the most undocumented individuals of any state in the country. These individuals are just that – individuals who deserve respect and dignity when it comes to injury claims. Here, we want to discuss the legalities of undocumented individuals seeking legal representation for a personal injury claim against… read more

Timeline For Slip and Fall Settlements

Anytime a person slips and falls due to the negligence of a property owner, there should be able to recover compensation for their losses. In most situations, a slip and fall claim will be settled between the victim and an insurance carrier involved. Unfortunately, there is no set time for how long it takes for… read more

How To Spot a Fake Car Insurance Company

Scams are everywhere nowadays, made easier by the fact that just about everyone has access to computers, mobile devices, and the Internet. One of these scams is fake insurance carriers. This may not be something that many people run across very often, but this scam often catches those in the process of looking for cheaper… read more

Who is At Fault in a T-Bone Accident?

T-bone accidents, often referred to as side-impact crashes, can lead to significant injuries and extensive property damage for those involved. However, before an individual can recover compensation for their losses, liability for the incident must be determined. Here, we want to discuss who could be at fault for a T-bone accident. The reality is that… read more

Determining Fault After Borrowed Car Accidents in California

Do you loan out your car to friends or family members? Do you often borrow someone else’s car? Well, you really need to know about liability in these situations because if an accident occurs, things could get complicated. Here, we want to discuss insurance issues when a collision occurs and the driver has borrowed the… read more

California Health and Safety Code Section 1799.102: California Good Samaritan Law

Time doesn’t slow down, and time is what people need when they experience a medical emergency in public. In California, individuals do not have a duty to come to the aid of others who are in danger or experiencing an emergency situation. This means that individuals cannot be held responsible for failing to help, either… read more