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Rideshare services have exploded in popularity over the last decade or so, but this does not mean that Traffic Safety has necessarily increased. Rideshare drivers are just like anyone else and susceptible to the same types of mistakes. If you or somebody you love needs help from a Long Beach rideshare accident attorney, the team at Harting Simkins & Ryan, LLP is ready to help. Let us get to work today on recovering compensation for your losses so you can move towards the best path of recovery.

Why Choose Harting Simkins & Ryan, LLP?

  • At Harting Simkins & Ryan, LLP, our team understands the overwhelming stress that happens after a rideshare accident, and we make sure that our clients are put first.
  • We have extensive experience handling negotiations and litigation involving car accident claims, particularly cases against larger companies and insurance carriers.
  • We make sure that every client has access to their attorney to ask questions or raise concerns for the entirety of their claim.

How Can an Attorney Help Your Claim?

Rideshare accident claims can be challenging, particularly when it comes to determining fault and standing up to the insurance carrier or rideshare company. Your lawyer will be responsible for handling every aspect of the claim on your behalf, including:

  • Investigating the incident
  • Gathering evidence to determine liability
  • Handling all communication with insurance carriers and the rideshare company
  • Ensuring you are evaluated by medical and economic professionals
  • Engaging in negotiations
  • Fully preparing the claim for trial

Rideshare Accident Liability

It is important to determine liability after a rideshare accident, regardless of whether or not you were a passenger inside the rideshare vehicle or in another vehicle impacted by the rideshare vehicle. When these accidents occur, determining liability will happen in much the same way as any other vehicle accident that happens in California. Law enforcement officials will come to the scene of the incident and fill out an accident report. Individuals at the scene can take pictures of everything they see, including vehicle damage, traffic and weather conditions, injuries, debris and skid marks, and more.

There may also be surveillance footage from nearby cameras or from dash cams that can be gathered at a later date to help prove liability. Where an attorney will be particularly helpful is when it comes to recovering information from the rideshare company related to the driver’s records. This includes GPS data information from the rideshare app that could help establish liability.

Rideshare Insurance Periods

If a rideshare driver was at fault for the incident, then their insurance will typically be responsible for paying out compensation to the victims involved. Both Uber and Lyft handle insurance in “periods” that change depending on the status of the driver at the time an incident occurs.

  • Period 0. This is the time frame when the rideshare driver is not logged into the app to work at all. They are on their own time, and their personal insurance carrier will be responsible for any accident expenses.
  • Period 1. This period is reserved for when the rideshare driver is signed into the app and ready to accept rides, but does not yet have any fares requested. During this period, the driver will be covered under the rideshare company’s insurance policy, but this policy only includes liability for other vehicles or passengers if the rideshare driver causes an accident. The total amount of the policy is the same as California’s minimum requirements.
  • Period 2. This period refers to when a driver has been matched with a rider and is on the way to pick them up. The insurance available during this period includes a $1 million liability insurance policy from Uber or Lyft that pays for injuries and property damage if the accident is caused by the rideshare driver.
  • Period 3. This period includes when the rider is in the rideshare vehicle and ends when the rider leaves the vehicle. The rideshare insurance policy during this period is the same as during Period 2. 

Types of Compensation Available

Individuals who are involved in an car accident with a rideshare vehicle in Long Beach should be able to recover various types of compensation. If the rideshare driver caused the accident and their passenger sustains an injury, then the passenger should be able to recover complete compensation for their medical expenses.

If drivers or passengers in another vehicle are harmed due to the actions of the rideshare driver, they should also be able to recover compensation for all economic damages related to the incident, including medical bills and lost wages. Additionally, they should be able to recover full compensation for their property damage expenses.

Most Common Rideshare Accident Injuries

Rideshare accidents can lead to significant injuries, just like any other type of vehicle accident. This includes, but is not limited to, broken or dislocated bones, lacerations, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, internal organ damage, and more. Additionally, rideshare accident victims may suffer from various types of emotional and psychological trauma as a result of the incident and their injury recovery process.

Paying for a Rideshare Accident Lawyer

The Long Beach accident attorneys at Harting Simkins & Ryan, LLP handle rideshare accident claims on a contingency fee basis. This means that we handle all the upfront costs related to the case, and clients will pay zero legal fees until after we recover the compensation they need. If we do not win, our clients pay nothing.

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If you or somebody you love has been injured in a rideshare accident caused by the negligence of another individual, reach out to the team at Harting Simkins & Ryan, LLP for help immediately. We have extensive experience handling complex injury claims in Long Beach and throughout California. We want to make sure that you recover complete compensation for your losses, including all medical bills, property damage expenses, and lost wages. When you need a Long Beach rideshare accident attorney, you can contact us by filling out our contact form or by calling us at (800) 809-8848.