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Wrongful Death Archives

Potential compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit

When a tragic death occurs in California, the family of the deceased must often deal with both financial and emotional challenges. The attorneys at Harting, Simkins and Ryan have seen how difficult this can be for grieving relatives. For this reason, we work tirelessly to determine whether such families have viable wrongful death claims.

Fatal boating accident statistics and causes

Given that Southern California promises year-round boating and other outdoor recreation opportunities, residents and tourists alike flock to the water. Unfortunately, though, negligence and sheer recklessness on the part of some boaters can have devastating consequences for people just looking to have a good time. That is why it is important for people to understand the major risks and accident rates associated with boating.

Avoidable construction accident kills California pregnant woman

Any time construction work takes place in a residential neighborhood in California, it is the duty of those responsible for the work to ensure that the safety and well-being of area residents is accounted for at all times. Beyond that, local municipalities are obligated to implement and enforce appropriate safety guidelines on all city works projects. Unfortunately, however, professional negligence and other issues can still contribute to serious and fatal construction accidents.

Fatal train accident could result in wrongful death claims

The ultimate outcome of a serious collision can play a major role in determining the types of personal injury claims that may be pursued by victims and their families. In the event that an accident victim succumbs to his or her injuries, loved ones may decide to make wrongful death claims against the liable party or parties in the crash. A recent accident involving a pickup truck and commuter train in Southern California may now lead to civil and criminal charges since one person has died.

Medical misdiagnoses and wrongful death claims

Medical physicians and healthcare providers are often the first to admit that just about every type of medical intervention is linked to potential side effects adverse consequences. The progression of a disease can depend upon any number of factors, and individual patients can respond to treatments differently. That is not to say, however, that thorough diagnostic and treatment processes do not yield consistent and promising results. Medical misdiagnoses and detrimental delays in treatment result in a huge number of serious injuries and deaths every year in California. That is why the attorneys at Harting, Simkins & Ryan,L.L.P., are committed to helping the families of medical malpractice victims pursue wrongful death claims under a number of different circumstances.

Fatal workplace accident stats and employer safety incentives

Despite the fact that their line of work puts many people across the state of California in hazardous situations, a significant number of workers continue to perform their jobs with a great deal of pride and satisfaction. And given that so many employees in various industries are subject to potentially dangerous work conditions, it’s no wonder that strict employment law guidelines are in place to enforce safety standards for all workers. Keeping people safe on the job is both the responsible and profitable thing for employers to do.

Poor weather contributes to Fresno tragedy

California motorists are subject to a huge number of environmental driving hazards, including everything from high winds to dense fog. And while there is not much anyone can do to prevent inclement weather conditions from occurring, motorists do have the responsibility to implement necessary caution at all times and prevent contributing to dangerous conditions on the road.

What are punitive damages?

You, like many people across the state of California, may be familiar with the general idea of personal injury claims and damages. However, you may not know the difference between compensatory and punitive damages, or how punitive damages apply in any given case. Understanding when and how punitive damages are awarded in wrongful death cases can help you better navigate your own personal injury case.

Are wrongful death damages taxable?

As the end of the holiday season ushers in tax season, you may be wondering how to account for any and all damages you or a loved one received in a wrongful death judgment in the state of California. The particular circumstances surrounding a case, and personal injury ruling, can play a large role in determining whether or not any resulting damages can be subject to taxation under the law.

Medical negligence on the decline

Over the past few years, the entire medical care industry has received an increasing amount of scrutiny and criticism over the level of care that is provided to patients. And while California state and federal legislators continue to debate health care reform policies, there is evidence to suggest that some guidelines are having a positive impact on patient care.