Medical Malpractice

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California Informed Consent Laws

Before a medical professional can perform a procedure on a person, they must typically gain informed consent from the patient. There are some exceptions to this, such as emergency situations where the medical professional may not have the ability to obtain informed consent. However, informed consent must be obtained in most medical circumstances. Failing to… read more

What is the Average Settlement for a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

The last thing anybody expects is that they will be harmed when they seek assistance from a medical professional. However, medical mistakes are a common occurrence in the United States. According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, around 250,000 people lose their lives each year due to medical care errors that should have been prevented…. read more

How to Sue for Medical Malpractice in California

If you or someone you love has been injured or become ill due to a mistake made by a medical professional, you may be entitled to significant compensation. However, the process of securing that compensation can be incredibly complicated. You should speak to a qualified and experienced Long Beach medical malpractice attorney about your case… read more