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Determining Fault After Borrowed Car Accidents in California

Do you loan out your car to friends or family members? Do you often borrow someone else’s car? Well, you really need to know about liability in these situations because if an accident occurs, things could get complicated. Here, we want to discuss insurance issues when a collision occurs and the driver has borrowed the… read more

California Health and Safety Code Section 1799.102: California Good Samaritan Law

Time doesn’t slow down, and time is what people need when they experience a medical emergency in public. In California, individuals do not have a duty to come to the aid of others who are in danger or experiencing an emergency situation. This means that individuals cannot be held responsible for failing to help, either… read more

California E-Scooter Laws 

E-scooters are now a regular sight in various cities around California. These modes of transportation have gained popularity as quick ways to get around a city, but there are some drawbacks. This is particularly true when it comes to accidents and injuries. It is crucial for any person using an electric scooter to understand the… read more