What Not to Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

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If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you have likely already read about the steps you should take to help ensure your well-being and preserve the integrity of your claim against another party. However, there are also certain things you should NOT do after a motorcycle accident, and the items we list here are arguably just as important to keep in mind.

1. Don’t Admit Fault at the Scene (or Anywhere Else)

Admitting fault prematurely can significantly impact a person’s ability to recover compensation after the incident occurs. It is crucial to allow law enforcement officials and insurance carriers to conduct their own investigation in default based on the evidence available. However, you may need to have a Long Beach motorcycle accident attorney help you with this process. This is especially true if any other party tries to shift some or all of the blame for the incident on you.

Even if you think you may have caused or contributed to the incident, do not say so. Do not make the role of an insurance claims adjuster easier on them. The reality is that you may not fully understand all causes of the incident from your particular perspective, so prematurely admitting fault can shut down other aspects of the incident that could place liability on other parties.

2. Don’t Post About the Incident on Social Media

Sharing information about the accident on social media could influence the total compensation payout. Insurance carriers and legal parties for the other side may use any information you post online against you in your case. Even if you have fairly stringent privacy settings for your social media, all it takes is one person copying and sharing your post for the information to get out to the public. Posting something as simple as a picture taking your children on an afternoon hike could alter the outcome of your case, particularly if you are claiming injury expenses.

3. Don’t Fail to Seek Medical Treatment and Document It

Motorcycle crash victims in California must seek medical care immediately after the incident occurs, and they should continue any medical treatment requested by their medical professionals until they recover from their motorcycle injuries. All medical treatments should be thoroughly documented and handed over to an attorney so they can be included in a demand letter for financial compensation.

Any early discontinuation of medical care or failure to document medical treatment could ultimately jeopardize total compensation payouts.

4. Don’t Give a Recorded Statement

Insurance carriers may ask for a recorded statement from you, but you are under no legal obligation to give one. If you are asked to give a recorded statement, politely refuse to do so before speaking with your attorney. It is best to have experienced legal representation before handling conversations with insurance carriers.

5. Don’t Accept Offers From the Other Driver’s Insurer Without Consulting an Attorney

Insurance carriers are notoriously bad about offering low settlements, particularly when they make their initial offer after an incident occurs. Please do not accept an offer from an insurance carrier without having the offer reviewed by your motorcycle accident lawyer. When you accept an offer prematurely, this shuts down almost all avenues for recovering any additional compensation if your expenses are higher than you anticipated down the line.