Does Uber/Lyft Give Your Money Back When You’re in an Accident?

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If you or somebody you care about has been involved in an accident while riding in an Uber or Lyft vehicle, then you likely have more than a few questions. If you sustained injuries or property damage, you may be able to recover compensation through an insurance claim. You may also want to know if Uber or Lyft will give your money back if an accident occurs during the ride.

Will Uber or Lyft Fork Over Your Ride Fee After an Accident?

Both Uber and Lyft have features inside the app to report issues with the ride. This includes reporting an accident. In general, reporting the accident is just part of the process because individuals may need to file an insurance claim.

However, during the process of reporting the incident, you can certainly request a refund for the trip that ended in an accident. Both Uber and Lyft will likely have no problem refunding the fare for that particular ride. In fact, they may even offer a credit.

Guess what?

The rideshare companies have a vested interest in keeping you happy after the incident occurs, but they will do this in an effort to keep you from filing an insurance claim.

We suggest that you simply ask the rideshare company for a refund of your ride if they do not automatically offer to do so when you report the accident. All they can say is no, and you are in a decent bargaining position when asking for your money back. After all, you were the one in the accident, and for all the company knows, giving you your money back could prevent you from filing a claim for property damage or injuries.

  • Pro Tip – Get your money back for the ride and still file your claim for any injuries or property damage you incur.

Can You Recover Compensation for Injuries?

In the event an individual sustains an injury while riding as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle, there are various options for recovering compensation. Both Uber and Lyft operate on different “tiers” when it comes to insurance coverage. If there is a sanctioned passenger in the car, then this means both companies have a $1 million liability insurance policy in place. This policy covers all people involved in the incident, including the rideshare passengers.

However, just because an insurance policy “should” be in place does not necessarily mean the process of recovering compensation will be easy for a rideshare accident victim. These claims are complicated, and the insurance carrier will likely do what it can to prevent paying out significant compensation settlements.

We strongly encourage you to speak to a rideshare accident lawyer in Long Beach who has experience handling complex vehicle collision claims. Ultimately, a rideshare accident attorney will work to recover economic and non-economic damages on your behalf. This includes compensation for any medical bills you may experience as a result of the injuries sustained, as well as lost wage recovery, property damage expenses, and assistance with household out-of-pocket costs. An examination into the incident may uncover various types of pain and suffering damages to which you are entitled. Let your lawyer examine the facts of the case and help guide you toward the best path for recovering this compensation.