What to do When an at Fault Driver’s Insurance Won’t Pay

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If you or somebody you love has been injured in a vehicle accident caused by the careless or negligent actions of another driver, you deserve compensation from their insurance carrier. However, securing this compensation can be challenging, particularly if the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier decides that they do not want to pay. There are various reasons why an at-fault driver’s insurance carrier may deny a claim, but one thing is certain – crash victims need an experienced car accident attorney so they can stand up to the aggressive insurance carrier.

Why Would an Insurance Company Not Pay Out a Claim?

There are various reasons why an insurance carrier would decide not to pay out a claim. In general, most of these reasons are legitimate. However, just because they are legitimate does not necessarily mean that it is right. In fact, insurance carriers often get it wrong when it comes to determining whether or not the claim should be paid. Remember, insurance carriers are “for-profit” entities that are looking out for their bottom line, not yours.

Some of the most common reasons an insurance carrier may deny a claim include the following:

  • The claim exceeds the coverage limits of the policy
  • The claimant has already exceeded the coverage limits
  • The claimant has filed for coverage for something not covered under the policy
  • The insurance carrier believes the accident was unavoidable
  • The claimant was driving a vehicle while intoxicated
  • The claimant did not file their claim within the required deadlines
  • The claimant did not seek medical care immediately following an accident

What do to if the Insurance Company Won’t Pay

If you have been injured or sustained property damage in an accident caused by another driver and their insurance carrier will not pay, you need to speak to an attorney immediately. Unfortunately, most vehicle accident victims do not have the resources necessary to properly investigate their own incident and determine liability. This is a problem, especially considering that the insurance carriers and the at-fault party may have extensive resources at their disposal. By seeking assistance from an attorney after an insurance carrier will not pay a claim, you are leveling the playing field so that you have the best chance of recovering full compensation.

How a Lawyer Can Fight For Your Compensation

A skilled injury lawyer in Long Beach can use their resources and legal expertise to conduct a complete investigation into the incident. They will examine all evidence related to an injury claim, including:

  • The accident report
  • Video and photo surveillance
  • Statements from eyewitnesses
  • Vehicle “black box” data
  • Mobile device data

An attorney will also work with trusted medical and economic experts to fully evaluate their client and properly calculate total expected expenses. An attorney will build an irrefutable case to present to the insurance carrier in an effort to reach a fair out-of-court settlement.

If necessary, an attorney will be fully prepared to take a vehicle accident case to trial in order to secure the compensation that their client deserves. When the insurance carrier for the at-fault driver realizes that the injury victim’s attorney means business, they will be much more likely to offer a fair settlement in an effort to keep the case from going too far.