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Bicycle Accidents Archives

Dooring is a major concern for bicyclists

Cycling, while it is great exercise, can sometimes also be dangerous, as many California riders know. One type of accident many cyclists face is dooring, which is when a cyclist crashes into an open car door. In this type of accident, cyclists are limited about what they can do to prevent or avoid the crash, except look inside cars to see if anyone is about to get out or look at the car's lights as indication that the car has just parked.

Facts regarding bicycle-related deaths and injuries

Many residents of California enjoy regularly getting out and doing some bicycling. However, these active individuals may be surprised to learn that hundreds of cyclists are killed every year in accidents that involve motor vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, there are about two vehicle-related bicycle deaths a day in the U.S.

Serious crash leaves bicyclist hospitalized with head injury

In California, the San Diego Police Department was investigating a collision that left one bicyclist hospitalized with a serious head injury on March 19. The incident happened in the Pacific Beach neighborhood at the intersection of Hornblend Street and Mission Boulevard. It is not known if any charges are pending in the case.

Police increasing enforcement of California traffic laws

On Feb. 19, the Santa Barbara Police Department held a day-long event aimed at stronger enforcement of bike safety laws. The department was on the lookout for violations by both drivers and bicyclists at intersections where accidents had occurred in the past three years. Statistics indicate that there had been 341 bicycle accidents in Santa Barbara during this time with reported injuries while two had reported fatalities.

Justice needs to be done after a bicycle accident

Imagine you love to ride bikes -- or maybe you really do love to ride bikes. One day, you take a route that you always take. You get on your bike and move along the familiar roads, always making sure to be aware of the motor vehicles that are around you. As you approach an intersection, you take your time and ensure that you are following the traffic signals. When it is your time to go, you safely proceed through the intersection.

If a bike was under your tree, know what to do should you be hurt

This is the time of year when a reminder of safety and remediation for injuries may be appropriate and unfortunately, necessary. If you gifted or were given a new bike this holiday, you are on your way to enjoying a means of travel that is both healthy and enjoyably productive all at once. However, if your bicycling endeavors extend beyond your driveway and sidewalk, you must be aware of the dangers on roadways.

Pedestrian safety on the minds of Long Beach residents

A Long Beach resident is looking to do everything she can to raise awareness about public safety. More specifically, she wants people to realize that pedestrian safety is a major concern. She is talking to her neighbors and other people in her community to help both sides of this important topic -- drivers of motor vehicles and innocent pedestrians walking the street -- realize they need to look out for each other.