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Driver pleads guilty regarding bicycle rider's death

We previously wrote about a Newport Beach doctor that was killed while riding her bicycle. Since then, a driver pleaded guilty in Orange County Superior Court to striking and killing this bicycle rider, and then fleeing the scene of the accident.

Specifically, the driver pled guilty to a felony count of hit and run and a misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence. The driver will now spend four years in prison and another year in county jail.

Three die in Los Angeles area car accident

Three individuals were killed in a car crash in Mission Hills, Los Angeles apparently due to the actions taken by a suspected drunken driver. Law enforcement authorities reported that the driver of a Honda Accord lost control of his vehicle and slammed it into a Chevy Volt near Rinaldi Street and Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

The driver of the Honda, who was suspected of being under the influence, and two passengers in the vehicle died while the driver of the volt was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. All three individuals that died were 35-years of age.

NFL being sued regarding concussions in California

The case against the National Football League (NFL) concerning concussions suffered by football players was filed more than a year ago. There has also been two wrongful death lawsuits filed on behalf of former player Junior Seau that have been consolidated with this class-action concussion litigation.

Junior Seau committed suicide on May 2, 2012. Family members claimed that his death came about as a result of concussions and traumatic brain injury that he suffered throughout his professional playing career. The relatives originally filed these wrongful death actions against the NFL in California Superior Court, but the actions were later transferred to federal court in Southern California.

Follow up on California woman recovering from recent dog attack

We recently wrote about the California woman rescued in a dog attack by a man carrying a baseball bat. Further details concerning this attack have now been released.

The woman in question apparently had fears that she was going to die at the time that a pit bull attacked her. During the attack, the dog bit her thigh, calves and her arms. She also broke her ribs after falling during the attack.

Motorcycle patrol officer injured in accident

A California Highway Patrol (CHP) Motorcycle Officer was seriously injured in a recent crash. Witnesses reported a Mercedes pulling out of a shopping center and directly into the path of the officer.

It does not appear that the officer was speeding at the time that the accident occurred. However, the impact was severe enough that apparently the officer went airborne and flipped over immediately after the crash occurred. Another officer investigating the crash stated that the driver of the Mercedes apparently did not see the officer before entering the roadway. Fortunately, it does appear that the officer will survive his injuries.

Police conclusion regarding bicyclist fatal crash debated

A 14-year old California girl was killed during a bicycle crash while riding to school. Though the police have performed an investigation concerning this matter and concluded that the young girl was at fault, the attorney for the family of the young girl feels that there are problems concerning the manner in which the police concluded this accident occurred.

It seems that the young girl was following along on a designated bike lane when the accident happened. The bike lane also led towards the school in which she attended. Apparently, both the girl on her bicycle and the truck involved in the accident were approaching the same intersection from the same direction. The truck driver reportedly turned on the signal to make a turn. 

Long Beach freeway crash results in 2 deaths

A 29-year old woman and 22-year old man apparently were killed while inspecting the damage to their vehicles. A subsequent accident resulted in the shutdown that resulted in these two individuals deaths also caused the closing of the 710 Long Beach Freeway for approximately three hours.

The two individuals killed had earlier been involved in a separate accident and had pulled over to the side of the freeway. While they and a 17-year old passenger were looking over the damage to their vehicles, a 1999 Honda Civic apparently slowed down while approaching the accident scene. Unfortunately, the Civic was subsequently rear-ended by a Chrysler Town and Country, and the Civic was then forced into these three individuals. 

California nursing home implicated in patient's death

A California jury ruled that one of the nation's largest assisted living facilities company, Emeritus Corp., was guilty of wrongful death and elder abuse. The lawsuit resolves around an 82-year old patient with Alzheimer's disease that left a facility owned by Emeritus while apparently suffering from four major bedsores. The bedsores were considered a major factor in the woman's death shortly after her release.

The attorneys for the female patient claimed that the nursing home facility where she stayed was understaffed, and that the employees had received insufficient training. Apparently, the jury did feel there was enough evidence presented by these attorneys of neglect and substandard care at the nursing to at least hold the company that runs the nursing home liable. The court will next need to decide whether punitive damages should be assessed against the company.

Bystanders protect 76-year old victim during pit bull attack

A pit bull recently attacked a 76-year old woman in San Jacinto, California, and she may have only been saved because of two bystanders that fought the dog off with a baseball bat and a golf club. "I was just hitting him in the body, but the dog wouldn't let go," said one of these two individuals.

The woman did suffer severe puncture wounds that required medical attention. The woman had only recently moved into the neighborhood when this attack occurred.

Motorcyclist in Los Angeles killed at intersection

A fatal motorcycle accident was reported by the Valley Traffic Division. The accident occurred on Roscoe Boulevard at Yarmouth Avenue in Northridge of Los Angeles.

The 37-year old motorcycle rider was apparently driving eastbound on Roscoe when a Ford Van attempted to make a left turn in front of him. The rider then collided with the van and was critically injured.

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