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Community ordinances that help to prevent dog bites

Dog owners in California have a responsibility to care for their pets and take action to stop them from harming other people. If a dog bites someone on a public or private property, the dog owner could be liable for the victim's injuries. A person who owns a dog that has already displayed dangerous behavior has a duty to prevent further attacks.

There are community ordinances in California that have been enacted to protect the public from being attacked by dangerous animals. Many towns and cities have ordinances that require dog owners to use leashes and stop their dogs from roaming off of their property. In cities that require mandatory licensure of dogs, owners may be less likely to ignore leash laws because their dogs can easily be identified even if they run away.

Certain breeds of dogs are believed to have a greater tendency to act aggressively, and some municipalities have ordinances that specifically prohibit these aggressive breeds. The dogs that are most often reported for dog bites are pit bull terriers, Chihuahuas and German Shepherds. Another community ordinance that is used in many towns and cities in California is a mandatory rabies vaccination rule for dogs. While vaccinating dogs for rabies may not prevent dog bites, it can reduce the severity of the consequences of a dog bite and encourage dog owners to take their dogs to the vet periodically.

Some animal bites can be very serious and result in the bite victim being sent to the hospital. A person who has been bitten by a dog or another kind of pet may want to talk to a lawyer about filing a personal injury claim against the pet owner. A lawyer may help the animal bite victim assess the full value of their monetary damages before pursuing compensation.

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