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Vehicle owners can be held liable for car accidents

California residents may be interested to learn that they can potentially be held liable for a car accident even if they were not driving the vehicle. If a vehicle owner loans their car or hires someone to drive for them, they can and may be held liable especially if they know that the other driver has a history of driving in an unsafe manner.

If a person loans a vehicle to a driver who turns out to be unsafe, they can be named on the lawsuit under theories of negligent entrustment or vicarious liability. This is because they entrusted a vehicle to someone they knew drove in an unsafe manner. This theory is also why parents of teenagers who cause accidents can be held liable for any damage.

Employers who hire drivers who then get into accidents are also potentially liable as long as the employee was on the clock. In order for the employer to be held liable, the employee must have been using the car for authorized work. If the employee decides to run errands that are not related to the job and becomes involved in a crash, the employer may not be held liable for any damages that resulted from a crash.

Car accidents caused by drunk drivers or reckless drivers can cause serious injuries and other damages to all vehicles involved. If an injured person finds that the liable driver was loaned their car or that the person was driving on the clock, the owner of the vehicle may potentially be held liable for damages. A personal injury attorney may potentially determine if the owner of the vehicle can be named in the lawsuit or if the owner could not be held liable.

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