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CDC report: Road safety advances far more pronounced abroad

A 31 percent reduction in traffic accident fatalities between 2000 and 2013 across the nation would lead most California residents to conclude that legislators and law enforcement in the United States have done a good job of making the nation's roads safer. However, a report released on July 6 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may prompt them to think again. The report compared pedestrian, cyclist and motorist fatalities in the U.S. with motor vehicle accident deaths in 19 other wealthy nations, and it concluded that every country studied had achieved a greater reduction in fatalities than the United States.

Spain led all nations with a reduction in traffic accident fatalities of 75.1 percent, and the average drop in all of the countries studied was 56 percent. The countries in the study included the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden and Canada. The U.S. ranked highest in accident deaths for every 100,000 people and 10,000 registered vehicles.

The CDC report also gave American lawmakers and road safety advocates plenty to think about. Canada was the only county studied where road users were more likely to be killed in a drunk driving crash, and the CDC recommends that the nationwide legal blood alcohol limit of .08 percent be reduced to .05 percent to bring it into line with the limits in most developed nations. The CDC report also points out that up to 3,000 lives could be saved on the nation's roads each year if all American drivers and vehicle passengers fastened their seat belts.

Experienced personal injury attorneys will have likely dealt with clients who have lost loved ones or suffered debilitating injuries in car accidents caused by drunk, impaired or distracted drivers. While the responsibility for improving road safety in the United States falls largely to law enforcement agencies and legislators, personal injury lawsuits may also play a role in publicizing the issue.

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