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6 California high school students injured in single-vehicle crash

According to law enforcement officers with the West Covina Police Department, six students from South Hills HS were harmed in a one-vehicle crash . The accident happened July 7 just after 10 a.m. on East Cortez Street about one half-mile from the school. While summer school is in session, sources do not indicate if the students were attending.

Authorities reported that the driver lost control of the vehicle and then left the road, striking a gate, a tree and a light pole before coming to a rest. Police believe that the BMW was traveling in excess of 70 miles per hour just before the accident. The speed zone in the area is marked at 35 miles per hour.

The six were transported to area hospitals for treatment, one of whom was reportedly in serious condition. Two others were reported to be in stable condition, and the remaining two injured students were listed as having suffered minor injuries. Police reported that two or more of the students were without seatbelts in the accident. Firefighters had to cut into the car in order to rescue the students. The crash is still under investigation although the police said that they did not find any alcohol or drugs inside of it.

Passengers who suffer catastrophic injuries in accidents caused by a careless and negligent driver may be able to hold the driver liable through a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury attorney may investigate to determine all of the potential sources of recovery. In the case of a minor, the lawyer may determine whether or not the minor's parents may hold liability through their insurance company. A lawyer may be able to maximize the recovery his or her client receives through any settlement or verdict.

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