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July 2016 Archives

Vehicle owners can be held liable for car accidents

California residents may be interested to learn that they can potentially be held liable for a car accident even if they were not driving the vehicle. If a vehicle owner loans their car or hires someone to drive for them, they can and may be held liable especially if they know that the other driver has a history of driving in an unsafe manner.

CDC report: Road safety advances far more pronounced abroad

A 31 percent reduction in traffic accident fatalities between 2000 and 2013 across the nation would lead most California residents to conclude that legislators and law enforcement in the United States have done a good job of making the nation's roads safer. However, a report released on July 6 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may prompt them to think again. The report compared pedestrian, cyclist and motorist fatalities in the U.S. with motor vehicle accident deaths in 19 other wealthy nations, and it concluded that every country studied had achieved a greater reduction in fatalities than the United States.

6 California high school students injured in single-vehicle crash

According to law enforcement officers with the West Covina Police Department, six students from South Hills HS were harmed in a one-vehicle crash . The accident happened July 7 just after 10 a.m. on East Cortez Street about one half-mile from the school. While summer school is in session, sources do not indicate if the students were attending.

New technology to make trucks safer

Big rig drivers on California highways may have safer vehicles available based on a new safety mechanism that was announced by its developers on June 28. Components suppliers WABCO and ZF have worked together to create an Evasive Maneuver Assist system that is yet another step closer to making vehicles fully autonomous.