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Becoming whole after a car crash

After a California car accident, a victim may be left with serious injuries that make it difficult or impossible to work, spend time with family members or generally live a normal quality of life. However, it may be possible to win compensation from the driver who caused the accident if negligence was involved. For instance, if someone suffered a brain injury, that person may be entitled to recover the cost of cognitive therapy.

Other medical costs that may be recouped include hospital bills and in-home medical treatment. The costs of equipment such as crutches or heating pads may also be reimbursed as part of a judgment or settlement.

A person who is rendered immobile or is unable to work because of treatment needs or any other reason may be entitled to compensation for lost wages. Such an award will be based on the person's age, experience and profession at the time of the accident. Jurors may also take a person's life expectancy into account when determining an award for lost wages or future earnings. In the event that an individual is permanently injured or dies as the result of an accident, a motorist may owe his or her family members money for loss of consortium or companionship.

People who have incurred serious injuries in a car crash may wish to take legal action against the driver who caused the crash. An attorney may look at physical evidence and talk to witnesses to determine if negligence played a role in a crash. If it did, injured victims could receive compensation to help them pay medical bills and make up for lost current and future earnings.

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