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May 2016 Archives

National Dog Bite Prevention Week aims to curb bites and costs

California has the dubious distinction of being a top state for dog bites. According to State Farm Insurance Company, the state ranked number one in insurance claims for dog bites in 2013. The week of May 15 was National Dog Bite Prevention Week for 2016. The campaign is designed to educate and encourage people to keep their dogs leashed or otherwise under control.

Insurance companies unsure how to face self driving cars

The U.S. automobile insurance industry brings in more than $220 billion in revenue every year and provides employment to thousands of California residents. However, recent advances in driving technology have raised the possibility that the industry may have to change drastically. The reason is self-driving cars.

Motorcycle safety myths to forget

Warmer weather in California often inspires motorcyclists to hit the roadways. As more motorcycles begin using the highways and roads, some passenger car drivers may be surprised by the increase in motorcycle traffic. To stay safe, new and experienced bikers alike should try to forget some of the most common motorcycle safety myths.

Deadly truck and bus accident report released by the FMCSA

California residents may assume that most fatal truck or bus accidents take place on busy highways in and around cities like Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco, but data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reveals that most of these crashes occur on quiet rural roads. This was one of the many facts contained in the agency's 'Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts" report for 2014. The number of people killed in truck accidents each year has fallen by almost 40 percent since 2004, and the number of commercial vehicles involved in fatal crashes fell by a further 5 percent in 2014 from the previous year.