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California bicyclist killed in traffic accident

Clovis Police say that a car struck a man on his bicycle on the morning of April 20 near the intersection of North Highland and East Shaw Avenues. Authorities say that they received a call about the rear-end crash at 6:06 a.m.

After arriving on the scene, police identified the bicyclist as a 49-year-old local man. Their investigation revealed that he was riding in the bike lane of Shaw, traveling in the same direction as the Toyota sedan that struck him. Although he had on a helmet, the man died on the scene. The victim's family says that he often went cycling early in the morning for exercise. Many locals in the area knew the physical therapist as a bluegrass musician. He is survived by a wife and two daughters.

The police continue to investigate the crash to determine how it happened. Although the male driver of the Toyota stopped and has cooperated with the authorities, it is still unknown how the vehicle ended up in the bicycle lane to run into the cyclist. The driver was not charged at the time of the initial police report. According to Clovis Police, several accidents between vehicles and bicycles have been reported since the weather has warmed up over previous weeks. They are encouraging drivers to share the road and maintain a safe gap between themselves and cyclists in accordance with state law.

When bicyclists are involved in collisions with motor vehicles, they are at a higher risk of suffering serious and fatal injuries. If it can be determined that the driver of the vehicle was negligent at the time of the collision, such as by being distracted by a cellphone or driving under the influence, an attorney can assist in seeking compensation for the victim or, if the injuries were fatal, the surviving family members.

Source:ABC30, "Man Riding a Bike Killed in Clovis", Gene Haagenson, April 20, 2016

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