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March 2016 Archives

Serious crash leaves bicyclist hospitalized with head injury

In California, the San Diego Police Department was investigating a collision that left one bicyclist hospitalized with a serious head injury on March 19. The incident happened in the Pacific Beach neighborhood at the intersection of Hornblend Street and Mission Boulevard. It is not known if any charges are pending in the case.

Automakers agree to automatic braking by 2022

After several months of discussions with automakers, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to announce they have entered into a voluntary agreement to implement automatic braking systems in most U.S. vehicles by September 2022. This technology is expected to prevent an estimated 20 percent of car crashes. In California, which saw 3,074 people die in fatal crashes in 2014, this means hundreds of lives each year might be saved. Nationwide, hundreds of thousands of accident-related deaths might be prevented annually.

Truck driver fatigue a real danger

Truck driver fatigue leads to a number of catastrophic accidents in California every year. While fatigued driving is illegal, the federal regulation governing it is extremely vague, making it difficult for law enforcement officers to know when to issue citations to drivers or order them to pull off the road.

Accident caused by Google self-driving vehicle

There may be mixed sentiment about the development of autonomous vehicles, especially as information about accidents comes to light. Prior to Feb. 14, Google's self-driving cars had been in 17 accidents, all of which were minor and none of which were caused by the Google vehicles involved. However, a minor accident on Feb. 14 near the company's California headquarters was the first that was deemed to be caused by the company's vehicle.

Police increasing enforcement of California traffic laws

On Feb. 19, the Santa Barbara Police Department held a day-long event aimed at stronger enforcement of bike safety laws. The department was on the lookout for violations by both drivers and bicyclists at intersections where accidents had occurred in the past three years. Statistics indicate that there had been 341 bicycle accidents in Santa Barbara during this time with reported injuries while two had reported fatalities.