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Parties that may be to blame after a trucking accident

In any type of motor vehicle accident, the first thing people generally want to know is who is at fault. In some cases, it seems fairly obvious: maybe someone ran a red light or was driving without a license. In other cases, determining liability is much more complicated.

Truck accidents often fall in the latter category. This is generally because of the fact that trucks can be operated by one party, owned by another and be hauling cargo from yet another party. Generally speaking, an investigation will need to be conducted in order to determine which party is responsible for a trucking crash.

Let's imagine a scenario in which a truck crashes into a car on the highway after the trucker loses control.

If the trucker was distracted, impaired or drowsy, the resulting crash may be his or her fault. The driver could be in violation of state and or/federal trucking or traffic laws or it could be determined that he or she was driving recklessly.

If the truck steering or braking mechanisms malfunctioned which led to the loss of control, the party responsible for building, maintaining or repairing the truck could be at fault. This could be the trucking company or the owner of the truck.

It is also possible that a problem with the cargo could be to blame for the loss of control. Cargo can shift if not secured properly; it can also catch on fire or spill if it is not appropriately identified, labeled and handled as potentially hazardous cargo. 

In any of these cases, the at-fault party may try to blame someone else or lie about their role in an accident. Injured parties can feel intimidated or trivialized by these parties and their resources, which can be considerable.

Because of this, it can be crucial for truck accident victims to have an attorney by their side to examine evidence, scrutinize witness statements and build a claim against the party or parties responsible for the crash. With legal support, you can level the playing field and fight for the compensation you may deserve.

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