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4 vehicles involved in crash that left 3 injured

The 405 freeway became a tangled mess recently when numerous vehicles were wrapped up in a car accident. The wreck in Long Beach involved four vehicles and three people need to be evacuated by paramedics for their injuries. The highway was slowed down for a couple of hours as a result of the accident.

Other than these details, very few bits of information have been released about the accident. Who caused the accident? What was the reason for the accident? Was anyone negligent or driving recklessly in the build-up to the crash? What other relevant information is there about this wreck?

Until we know more, it is impossible to tell what exactly happened during the wreck. But there is something very important to learn from this story: the investigation into any motor vehicle accident is incredibly important.

The investigation may take a long time. That's the first thing to note. Be patient with any police investigation into your specific car accident. Once the police have fully investigated the matter and they are confident enough to make a report about what happened and why, you can use that report (given that it supports your claims) to file a civil lawsuit, if that is what you want to do.

It is also important to note that the police report can be changed if new information or evidence is found. Just because the police file a report about your car accident doesn't mean that it is set in stone forever.

Source: Press-Telegram, "Multi-car crash ties up traffic on the 405 in Long Beach," Greg Yee, Jan. 7, 2016

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