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2 nearby car accidents involve 4 vehicles and 7 injuries

In California as well as anywhere else, it is not always apparent initially how a traffic accident occurred or who was at fault. However, where serious injury or potential criminality is involved, it is important for the authorities to determine what happened and to issue citations and criminal charges where indicated. When car accidents involve several vehicles, there may be conflicting versions of events and forensic testing to perform in order to make official conclusions.

At the same time, those injured seriously in car accidents can benefit greatly by consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Early consultation can result in obtaining forensic details that would be much harder to reconstruct at a later time when the accident scene has changed or when evidence has disappeared or is within another party's control. Thus, early representation in a serious accident can give the victim a potential benefit in proving the negligence of one or more drivers who are at fault.

That reasoning may apply to a two-accident situation in West Los Angeles recently involving a total of four vehicles. The first accident took place at an intersection on Jan. 25 at about 10:30 p.m. The details are not clear, but two vehicles were involved, and one person was reported injured.

One of the cars from that accident then left the scene and got involved in a second collision with two other vehicles. There were six people injured at that location. Although none of the injured were reportedly hospitalized, all seven were taken to hospitals, treated and released. That does not mean that there were no serious injuries involved, in that it is common for people to experience the full wrath of their symptoms progressively over a period of days after the impact.

Police are trying to unravel the events and determine whether any arrests are indicated. California law requires that all drivers who may be partly responsible for causing an accident can be jointly liable to compensate injured victims. Passengers are generally not negligent in causing car accidents, and they may usually collect compensatory damages from one or more negligent drivers.

Source: mynewsla.com, "LAPD investigating related crashes that injured 7 in West LA", Debbie L. Sklar, Jan. 26, 2016

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