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January 2016 Archives

2 nearby car accidents involve 4 vehicles and 7 injuries

In California as well as anywhere else, it is not always apparent initially how a traffic accident occurred or who was at fault. However, where serious injury or potential criminality is involved, it is important for the authorities to determine what happened and to issue citations and criminal charges where indicated. When car accidents involve several vehicles, there may be conflicting versions of events and forensic testing to perform in order to make official conclusions.

Car accidents: 3 teens die in crash, driver not identified

Teenagers, speeding cars and alcohol have been the cause of many deaths on California roads. One of the recent car accidents that left authorities with many questions is under investigation by the Murrieta police. Three teenage Hemet residents lost their lives in the wreck.

4 vehicles involved in crash that left 3 injured

The 405 freeway became a tangled mess recently when numerous vehicles were wrapped up in a car accident. The wreck in Long Beach involved four vehicles and three people need to be evacuated by paramedics for their injuries. The highway was slowed down for a couple of hours as a result of the accident.

Have you talked to your teenager about distracted driving dangers?

The statistics about teen drivers are so scary it is a wonder that parents even let their teenagers get behind the wheel. Teens are more likely to die in a fatal car accident during their first year of licensure than at any time afterward. According to the California Highway Patrol, some 800,000 teenage drivers statewide are involved in a collision each year.

How do I get medical care without insurance after a car accident?

If you are pursuing a claim for compensation because you were hurt in a car accident, at least in part due to another person's negligence or recklessness, you may have help with medical care costs. When pursuing a personal injury claim, you may be able to still obtain medical care with a medical lien. The attorneys at Harting, Simkins & Ryan, LLC, will immediately go to work to ensure you are getting the medical care you need and that your injuries and treatments are well documented to protect the validity of your case.