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If a bike was under your tree, know what to do should you be hurt

This is the time of year when a reminder of safety and remediation for injuries may be appropriate and unfortunately, necessary. If you gifted or were given a new bike this holiday, you are on your way to enjoying a means of travel that is both healthy and enjoyably productive all at once. However, if your bicycling endeavors extend beyond your driveway and sidewalk, you must be aware of the dangers on roadways.

While bicyclists are legally responsible for following the rules of the road and are considered as drivers, they must be ever mindful of their increased vulnerability and the dangers that vulnerability inevitably presents.

If you are hurt by a vehicle while on your bicycle, the pursuit for compensation and determination of fault typically is carried about in the same way as an accident involving automobiles exclusively. The primary question that must be answered is, whether or not the bicycle accident occurred as a result of someone's negligence? At that point, it must be determined, who was negligent. Was the negligence at all or in part attributed to the bicyclist? Or was this exclusively attributable to the driver of the vehicle?

Negligence on the part of the cyclist could be:

  • Turning into traffic.
  • Riding against traffic.
  • Failure to stop at a stoplight or sign.

Negligence on the part of the automobile driver would basically be any actions outside of the rules of the road and proof that the motorist failed to exercise due caution.

If you received a bicycle this holiday and you plan to take it on the roadways, know your responsibilities as well as the potential hazards. If you are hurt, a California bicycle accident attorney may be able to make sure you immediately do everything necessary to receive and compensation you may be entitled to.

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