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December 2015 Archives

If a bike was under your tree, know what to do should you be hurt

This is the time of year when a reminder of safety and remediation for injuries may be appropriate and unfortunately, necessary. If you gifted or were given a new bike this holiday, you are on your way to enjoying a means of travel that is both healthy and enjoyably productive all at once. However, if your bicycling endeavors extend beyond your driveway and sidewalk, you must be aware of the dangers on roadways.

Many things to consider after a car accident

When you get into a car accident, your first feelings may be frustration and anger. Many people react this way, so this is nothing to be ashamed of. However, once these feelings burn out, it is critical that you collect your thoughts and prepare yourself to handle a number of important things to ensure you are in the best possible position once all of the dust settles on this car accident.

FedEx truck jumps median, causes fatal crash

A FedEx truck that lost control on a highway recently crashed into another vehicle and killed the driver. The wreck happened near Sacramento, California and seems to have only involved two vehicles. Very little information has been released regarding the wreck, so at this point speculation is all that can really be done.

Traffic fatalities barely drop in 2014, jump in first half of 2015

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released some new figures that portray a somewhat dismaying picture of road safety in the United States. According to the figures, in 2014 there was a slight drop in traffic fatalities. 32,675 people died that year, representing a 0.1 percent decline in fatalities. But for the first half of this year, traffic fatalities are up 8.1 percent when compared to the same time frame in 2014.