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Pedestrian safety on the minds of Long Beach residents

A Long Beach resident is looking to do everything she can to raise awareness about public safety. More specifically, she wants people to realize that pedestrian safety is a major concern. She is talking to her neighbors and other people in her community to help both sides of this important topic -- drivers of motor vehicles and innocent pedestrians walking the street -- realize they need to look out for each other.

One critical issue out on the road is the speed at which many vehicles travel. As the 30-year-old woman leading this charge in Long Beach noted, "there seems to be a lot of agreement about drivers going too fast, ignoring crosswalks, and creating stress for many of us walking."

Just on this point alone, there is a major legal lesson to learn. Pedestrians that are crossing that street and are struck are very likely to suffer serious injuries -- and the faster the motor vehicle is traveling, the worse the injuries are likely to be. These injuries can be life-changing. People can become disabled or suffer harm so severe that they are never the same.

These pedestrians, or their loved ones, need to consider legal help after such an accident because the compensation garnered from a personal injury lawsuit could help them in a number of ways, including with their physical recovery. This legal action isn't always straightforward, so it behooves the plaintiff and their family members to consult with an experienced attorney before settling on any action.

Source: Long Beach Gazette, "Long Beach Resident Wants To Create An 'Army Of Walking Billboards' In The Name Of Pedestrian Safety," Julie Kay Satariano, Nov. 7, 2015

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