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Motorcyclist seriously injured after pickup trucks hits him

An accident in Long Beach left one person with serious injuries after a pickup truck crashed into a motorcycle. Shortly after the accident happened, officials announced that the victim was actually killed in the accident -- but that turned out to be a mistake. The individual survived, but suffered some serious injuries.

Other than that, little is known about the wreck. So let's talk about a couple of key points that are inherent to motorcycle accidents.

The first is an obvious one: motorcyclists are in a more susceptible position than almost anyone else out on the road. When they are involved in a motor vehicle accident, they could suffer serious, catastrophic or even fatal injuries. They could be tossed from their vehicle and be dealt injuries to their head, neck and upper body -- and these injuries could be, for the most part, life-changing.

When a motorcyclist is involved in a crash, they may need to consider legal action in the weeks and months that follow. If the investigation into their particular crash reveals that another driver was negligent or reckless in some way, they could file a lawsuit against that driver to garner some needed compensation to help them deal with the aftermath of the crash.

If you are not a motorcyclist, then please do everything you can to watch out for motorcycles out on the road. It shouldn't require special attention, but motorcyclists often go unseen by other drivers, and this simply isn't acceptable.

Source: mynewsLA.com, "Motorcyclist hurt in multi-car crash on 91 freeway in Long Beach," Alexander Nguyen, Oct. 26, 2015

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