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November 2015 Archives

Animal shelter sued for exposing child to risk of animal bites

Rescuing a dog from a California shelter is an admirable thing to do, though people would naturally expect the owners of such facilities to ensure dogs are placed in surroundings that will suit their behavioral patterns. Animal bites can have life-changing consequences. A child in another state became a dog bite victim after the family adopted a dog from the local SPCA shelter.

Pedestrian safety on the minds of Long Beach residents

A Long Beach resident is looking to do everything she can to raise awareness about public safety. More specifically, she wants people to realize that pedestrian safety is a major concern. She is talking to her neighbors and other people in her community to help both sides of this important topic -- drivers of motor vehicles and innocent pedestrians walking the street -- realize they need to look out for each other.

Wind, dust combine to cause massive pile-up accident

A combination of dust and high winds wreaked havoc on a California highway recently, causing a massive pile-up accident that involved at least 15 cars. The crash occurred in Bakersfield, California after gusts of wind that ranged between 30 and 40 miles per hour kicked up a lot of dust and reduced visibility in the area. That led to at least 15 cars -- and possibly up to 20 vehicles -- being involved in a big crash.

Motorcyclist seriously injured after pickup trucks hits him

An accident in Long Beach left one person with serious injuries after a pickup truck crashed into a motorcycle. Shortly after the accident happened, officials announced that the victim was actually killed in the accident -- but that turned out to be a mistake. The individual survived, but suffered some serious injuries.