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After an animal attack, who is responsible for damages?

Imagine walking down the street one day, minding your own business. All of a sudden, a dog turns the corner and stares at you. You stare back. The next thing you know, this dog charges towards you and tackles you to the ground, biting your arms, legs and torso. You suffer some injuries, and soon after the dog took you to the ground, the animal's owner runs out and tries to save you.

The owner's actions don't change the fact that his or her dog caused you serious harm, and that the owner didn't have control of his or her animal. You could certainly pursue civil litigation against the owner -- but the question is who would be responsible for paying you for the injuries you suffered?

There are four common ways that an injured person could be paid as a result of an animal attack. The first three are all insurance policies: home insurance, car insurance and animal insurance. A homeowner that has a dog is likely to have all three of these forms of insurance. Car insurance could also help pay for your dog bite if the incident occurred in or on a car.

If none of these three sources are involved, or if the dog owner doesn't have insurance, then, as we mentioned above, you can pursue civil litigation against the dog's owner. In these situations, it behooves the injured party to consult with an personal injury attorney that has experience handling animal attack cases.

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