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Neither rain nor sleet ... but what about dogs?

As a Southern California resident, you likely don't spend much time -- if any time at all -- thinking about what's going on inside the head of a postal employee who has just delivered your mail.

If, perchance, you did, though, you might be surprised to note that a mail carrier is likely to be focused just as much -- if not more -- on animals than he or she is on your water bill or magazine subscription.

Dogs, specifically, especially those that are unrestrained and can get within reach of human skin.

Here's why. According to information released a bit earlier this year by the U.S. Postal Service, the metropolitan Los Angeles area is the "dog bite capital of the nation."

That's a big deal to an employee walking around area neighborhoods in a postal uniform and with a bag of mail hoisted on his or her shoulder.

The USPS states that 74 dog attacks were visited on postal workers in Los Angeles in 2014.

That seems like a lot, doesn't it?

From a mail carrier's perspective, it is a downright scary number.

In fact, dog bites suffered by postal workers across Southern California are so common that the USPS has mandated professional defensive-related training for employees on how to respond to them.

Of course, dogs that are not properly controlled by their owners can lash out at and injure any person, not just a postal worker.

California dog owners have a legal duty to take all precautions necessary to prevent their dogs from attacking people. Persons with questions or concerns regarding aggressive animal behavior or an actual attack can contact a proven dog bites attorney for answers and legal representation that seeks full compensation for any injuries suffered.

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