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Los Angeles authorities looking for wrong-way motorcyclist

Many Los Angeles motorcycle accidents are caused by speeding or distracted car drivers. While these actions are certainly unsafe, they pale in comparison to the reckless way some people operate their vehicles. Drunk driving, weaving through traffic and driving the wrong way down a street are all examples of exceptionally dangerous behavior that can easily lead to a serious crash. When such behavior causes a motorcycle accident, the resulting damage may be substantial.  

California Highway Patrol officers are looking for a motorcyclist who caused an accident while traveling the wrong direction on Los Angeles Crest Highway. Another motorcycle rider, who was driving in the correct direction, swerved his bike in order to avoid a collision. In so doing, the rider careened off the road and suffered several motorcycle accident injuries. The wrong-way rider did not stop after the accident.

The incident was caught on video by the injured motorcyclist, who was wearing a GoPro camera. This motorcyclist’s friends are also seeking information that will help locate the wrong-way rider. Reports do not offer details on whether the camera footage includes any identifying information about the motorcyclist who fled the scene.

After the crash, the rider required a crutch to walk. He also endured injuries to his ankle, foot and knee. Reports do not indicate the severity of these injuries or his prognosis.

When a motorcycle accident is caused by someone’s negligence, the victims of the incident may have legal recourse. If you are in this situation and want to learn more about your legal options, you may want to contact an attorney. This might help you determine whether you should pursue civil litigation.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Motorcycle Crash Caught On GoPro Camera In Los Angeles,” Ed Mazza, Apr. 23, 2015


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