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What should I do in a hit-and-run accident?

While being in any kind of car accident can be distressing enough, being involved in a hit-and-run collision can be incredibly stressful and hurtful. If you sustained painful injuries in a collision where the other driver fled the scene, you probably have serious concerns over what you should do next. Provided here are a few general guidelines regarding what you should do following a hit-and-run accident.

Infinity Auto Insurance explains that the most important thing that you should do immediately after being involved in any type of collision is to help ensure the safety of you and your passengers. Therefore, it is recommended that you exit all lanes of traffic and pull to the side of the road if possible. If the other vehicle involved in the crash fails to stop, you are advised against following the car in question. Instead, you should stay in a safe place within the vicinity of the accident and call the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

If you were able to see the license plate number and/or any other identifiable characteristics of the vehicle in question, it is a good idea to write them down. Also, it can be incredibly helpful to document the contact information of any witnesses to the collision. You can also write down your own narrative of the incident so that any relevant details are reported while there are still fresh in your memory. Completing an accident report with law enforcement officers is an important step, as it may be required by your insurance company in order to achieve compensation for your injuries and property damage.

Being injured in a hit-and-run collision can be extremely traumatizing for you and your family. It is important to note, however, that the information provided here should not be interpreted as legal counsel.

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