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Fatal train accident could result in wrongful death claims

The ultimate outcome of a serious collision can play a major role in determining the types of personal injury claims that may be pursued by victims and their families. In the event that an accident victim succumbs to his or her injuries, loved ones may decide to make wrongful death claims against the liable party or parties in the crash. A recent accident involving a pickup truck and commuter train in Southern California may now lead to civil and criminal charges since one person has died.

The National Transportation Safety Board was reportedly still investigating a collision that occurred late last month when a commuter train collided with a pickup truck and trailer that was stopped on the train tracks. A student engineer was operating the train at the time of the collision, but was being supervised by a senior operator.

The collision resulted in the train derailing and three train cars falling over completely. Thirty people sustained unspecified injuries in the crash, but the senior train engineer was reportedly the most severely injured. The 62-year-old man succumbed to his injuries at an area hospital a week after the incident occurred.

After being arrested immediately following the accident, the driver of the pickup truck had been released without charges. Now, however, authorities noted that he could be accused of vehicular manslaughter. There was no word on whether the family of the senior engineer was considering pursuing wrongful death claims against the truck driver as well.

According to representatives for the truck driver, the incident occurred because the truck got stuck on the train tracks after the driver made a wrong turn. Anyone with questions about his or her rights as a potential wrongful death claimant can speak to an attorney today.

Source: ABC News, “Engineer in Southern California Train Crash Dies,” John Antczak, March 3, 2015

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