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Poor weather contributes to Fresno tragedy

California motorists are subject to a huge number of environmental driving hazards, including everything from high winds to dense fog. And while there is not much anyone can do to prevent inclement weather conditions from occurring, motorists do have the responsibility to implement necessary caution at all times and prevent contributing to dangerous conditions on the road.

Three commercial vehicles and one pickup truck were recently involved in a fatal car crash that California Highway Patrol investigators believe may be attributed to poor visibility due to dense fog in the region. The multivehicle collision occurred when a fuel tanker collided with a large transport vehicle, which had been stopped on the side of the road. The pickup truck struck the vehicles involved in the initial collision and was then hit by another transport vehicle. Two of the drivers involved in the collision sustained minor to major injuries. The driver of the transport vehicle that was struck first unfortunately succumbed to his injuries at an area medical facility.

In response to the fatal collision, California authorities reminded motorists everywhere of weather-appropriate driving practices and precautions. For one thing, drivers confronted by fog were reminded to slow down. In low visibility conditions, motorists were advised to avoid following cars too closely. And in the event that it was necessary for drivers to pull over, they were instructed to exit the freeway and use their hazard signals instead of their front and back lights.

If there is evidence to suggest that a driver failed to respond appropriately to hazardous weather conditions and/or ignored appropriate road-safety guidelines, he or she could be held liable for causing a fatal collision. As a result, accident victims and their families can speak to an experienced wrongful death attorney today.

Source: Fresno Bee, “CHP gives fog-driving tips in wake of fatal Highway 41 crash,” Lewis Griswold, Jan. 28, 2015

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