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Medical misdiagnoses and wrongful death claims

Medical physicians and healthcare providers are often the first to admit that just about every type of medical intervention is linked to potential side effects adverse consequences. The progression of a disease can depend upon any number of factors, and individual patients can respond to treatments differently. That is not to say, however, that thorough diagnostic and treatment processes do not yield consistent and promising results. Medical misdiagnoses and detrimental delays in treatment result in a huge number of serious injuries and deaths every year in California. That is why the attorneys at Harting, Simkins & Ryan,L.L.P., are committed to helping the families of medical malpractice victims pursue wrongful death claims under a number of different circumstances.

The Washington Post reported on the prevalence of misdiagnosis incidents in medical facilities across the country, and noted that incident rates are actually much higher than many would believe. While medical mistakes like medication errors and dramatic events that occur in the operating room receive a great deal of scrutiny and media attention, issues relating to the inadequate diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions are much more pervasive.

Of all medical malpractice incidents that occur, incorrect and failed diagnoses account for up to 20 percent of cases. In fact, some studies suggest that the percentage rate of serious and fatal misdiagnosis incidents is much higher. Negligence on the part of doctors is known to contribute to mistakes in diagnosing patients, as physicians may fail to follow up on medical tests and other steps. However, another major problem is that doctors’ own assumptions and flawed logic can contribute to hurtful mistakes. And sometimes such errors are not identified until a course of treatment has caused irreparable damage or until a disease has progressed beyond the point of intervention.

If you lost a loved one to a treatable disease or preventable medical mistake, it is important for you to understand your rights as a potential wrongful death claimant. Visit our web page today to learn more about medical malpractice liability and other related topics.

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