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February 2015 Archives

Social host negligence and liability

The vast majority of parents may agree that there is only so much they can do to ensure that their underage children make smart and responsible decisions. Underage drinking is a major issue in the state of California, and results in hundreds of serious injuries and deaths every year. And while some parents allow their kids and other underage people to consume alcohol in their presence as a way to control the drinking environment and prevent injury incidents from occurring, they can be held liable for social host negligence under the law in some instances.

Medical misdiagnoses and wrongful death claims

Medical physicians and healthcare providers are often the first to admit that just about every type of medical intervention is linked to potential side effects adverse consequences. The progression of a disease can depend upon any number of factors, and individual patients can respond to treatments differently. That is not to say, however, that thorough diagnostic and treatment processes do not yield consistent and promising results. Medical misdiagnoses and detrimental delays in treatment result in a huge number of serious injuries and deaths every year in California. That is why the attorneys at Harting, Simkins & Ryan,L.L.P., are committed to helping the families of medical malpractice victims pursue wrongful death claims under a number of different circumstances.

What are a few important California bicycle laws to remember?

In almost any kind of automobile accident scenario, you may think that it is reasonable to assume that the larger vehicle is at fault. Case in point, many people believe that motorists are almost entirely responsible for causing collisions with bicycles. However, the truth of the matter is that both bicycle riders and motorists are required to abide by California road safety regulations.

Pedestrians become victims in Glendale accident

When people are involved in an unexpected accident in California, they and their families can have a difficult time dealing with the immediate and long-term consequences of their injuries. Confronting the physical, emotional and financial hardships associated with accident injuries can be difficult enough, but knowing that the painful incident in question could have been avoided is often the heaviest burden for victims and their loved ones to carry.

Fatal workplace accident stats and employer safety incentives

Despite the fact that their line of work puts many people across the state of California in hazardous situations, a significant number of workers continue to perform their jobs with a great deal of pride and satisfaction. And given that so many employees in various industries are subject to potentially dangerous work conditions, it’s no wonder that strict employment law guidelines are in place to enforce safety standards for all workers. Keeping people safe on the job is both the responsible and profitable thing for employers to do.

Being a responsible parent and pet owner

The image that you have in your head of having a family probably includes a dog. And while a four-legged friend may be the perfect addition to your household, it is important to understand that having a dog comes with a great deal of responsibilities and risks. That is why the attorneys at Harting, Simkins & Ryan, L.L.P., encourage our clients to take the decision seriously and implement the necessary steps to help ensure that their children are protected against preventable dog bite injuries.

Poor weather contributes to Fresno tragedy

California motorists are subject to a huge number of environmental driving hazards, including everything from high winds to dense fog. And while there is not much anyone can do to prevent inclement weather conditions from occurring, motorists do have the responsibility to implement necessary caution at all times and prevent contributing to dangerous conditions on the road.

How safe is Los Angeles for bicycle riders?

While the question can be phrased two ways, asking how dangerous or safe Los Angeles roadways are for bicyclists, the fact is that you and other bicycle riders in the region can be confronted by major safety hazards at any given time. Being aware of bicycle accident statistics and factors can help you better navigate the city and your own safety efforts.