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Holiday-related dog attack considerations

Many people consider their pets to be an integral part of their family, and make a point to include them in holiday festivities. And while the attorneys at Harting, Simkins, & Ryan, L.L.P, appreciate just how much dogs can contribute to just about any occasion, we are also all too familiar with how prevalent dog bite incidents can be in the home setting. No matter if you are a dog owner or plan to visit a household with pets this holiday season, it's important to consider a few dog bite injury concerns and precautions.

According to k9aggression.com, dog bite incidents are especially prevalent during the holiday season. Several factors contribute to aggressive dog behavior during the holidays, and should be addressed by dog owners before their pets are introduced to or interact with anyone in the home. Stress is believed to be one of the most common and significant factors that can cause a dog to act aggressively toward people. The physical and emotional stress that dogs can experience derives from a number of different sources, including changes to their routines, environments, and exercise level. For instance, your dog may become anxious when a number of unfamiliar people enter your home all at once. Similarly, your friend's four-legged companion could feel stressed because it was not taken out for its usual walk.

Understanding that the changes that the holidays impose on your schedule and lifestyle can also affect your dog in a profound way is an important part of meeting your animal's needs and preventing a dog bite incident from ever happening. Preventing your dog from experiencing undue stress can go a long way to protect yourself and others from a dangerous situation. Therefore, it's recommended that you, as a dog owner, take the time to ensure that your pet is properly exercised and accounted for during family gatherings. You're also advised to monitor all interactions with your dog to prevent unnecessary or inappropriate petting. And if you are the one visiting a home with a dog, you should also be attentive to the animal's behavior and body signals.

Implementing prevention techniques is the most effective way to stop a dog attack from ever happening. Learn more about avoidable dog attack injuries and other topics by visiting our webpage any time.

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