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405 multivehicle crash kills 1

Not only is Los Angeles notorious for its traffic, but the city has also garnered quite the reputation for the nature and severity of accidents that happen on LA freeways. Accidents that occur at high speeds often involve multiple vehicles, and accident victims, because they cause a chain reaction of collisions. Determining liability in such a case can be complex, therefore, as at least some of the motorists involved in a multivehicle collision may not have been responsible for causing the car accident in question.

A recent collision that occurred on the 405 freeway serves as a sobering reminder of just how quickly a situation can turn tragic on busy roadways. A motorcycle was struck by a car that was attempting to avoid debris from a collision. Another vehicle was also hit by the debris from the initial crash, which happened when an SUV reportedly hit one vehicle after losing control.

Both sides of the freeway were closed for several hours following the collision, allowing authorities to remove debris from the roadway and conduct an accident investigation. While the initial collision was reportedly due to the SUV losing control, there was no word on if the issue was due to driver misconduct or vehicle malfunction.

Two people involved in the collision were reportedly in fair condition after being treated at an area hospital for their injuries. The motorcycle rider that was hit by the last vehicle was thrown off his bike by the force of the collision and succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the collision.

A crucial aspect to achieving necessary compensation for accident injuries is determining fault in a multivehicle collision in many cases. That is why accident victims and their families can speak to an experienced attorney today.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, “Chain-reaction crash on 405 results in motorcyclist’s death,” Matthew Hamilton and Veronica Rocha, Jan. 14, 2015

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