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Addressing personal injury medical expenses without insurance

Millions of Americans across the state of California and the entire country continue to maintain limited to no medical coverage for themselves and their families. If you or a loved one were recently involved in an injury accident and require any level of medical care, you may not have the appropriate level of medical insurance to cover your needs. We here at Harting, Simkins, & Ryan, L.L.P., are familiar with the immediate and long-term financial challenges that can arise as a result of unmanageable medical bills. That is why we are committed to helping our clients receive necessary medical treatment on a lien basis.

Atlas Legal Funding explains that lien-based medical care is often provided in cases involving personal injury claims, and allows accident victims to receive necessary medical treatment by using their prospective damages as payment for services. You or your loved one could, therefore, agree to use a portion of the compensation you expect to receive for your injuries to pay for everything from emergency surgery to physical rehabilitation therapy to home health care. The legal payment contract between you and your medical provider would depend, however, on them agreeing to the terms of the lien.

When it comes to establishing a lien agreement between personal injury accident victims and medical practitioners and/or facilities, the process can be complex. Given that some medical practitioners are reluctant to provide services unless or until they are confident about a patient’s ability to pay, you or your loved one may have a difficult time achieving a lien agreement on your own. An experienced attorney is often necessary in order to facilitate an effective lien contract.

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