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December 2014 Archives

Rental car insurance considerations for the holidays

No matter if they intend are planning to haul the entire family across country or are simply planning an epic stay-cation this holiday season, countless families across the state of California are renting vehicles and hitting the open road. Understanding when and why supplemental car insurance is necessary can make the difference between keeping loved ones safe and wasting money on duplicate insurance coverage this year.

Motorcycle passenger safety considerations

The attorneys at Harting, Simkins & Ryan, L.L.P., understand that motorcycle riders are often excited to share the experience with their family and friends. We also know all too well, however, that motorcycle passengers can be subject to a number of dangerous conditions and motorcycle accident injuries. If you or a loved one is thinking about getting on the back of a motorcycle, it’s important to consider a number of practical safety concerns and precautions before you ever hit the road.

Repeat offender causes major car accident

Liability is at the heart of most personal injury cases in California, since determining responsibility for an injury incident is crucial to achieving compensation. And while it is important to determine who, if anyone is at fault in a car accident, it can be even more significant to identify negligent and/or reckless behavior. A recent incident illustrates how poor judgment and entirely preventable mistakes can have dire consequences.

Child bicycle accident rates and safety tips

This holiday season, countless children all across the state of California will receive bicycles as gifts. And while a bicycle offers the promise of outdoor adventures and hours of fun, it can also present a number of very real and serious safety concerns for young riders. Parents and children alike can help to ensure their own safety, as well as that of other kids, by recognizing basic bicycle safety concerns and precautions.

Exactly how dangerous is distracted driving, anyways?

While the vast majority of motorists across the state of California understand how dangerous drunk driving can be, far fewer drivers fully recognize the dangers associated with distracted driving. You, like so many people across the country, may spend hours in your car in any given week and likely even engage in a number of minor tasks while driving. Understanding what distracted driving is, and how hazardous it can be, can go a long way to promote safety for you and your entire family.

Addressing personal injury medical expenses without insurance

Millions of Americans across the state of California and the entire country continue to maintain limited to no medical coverage for themselves and their families. If you or a loved one were recently involved in an injury accident and require any level of medical care, you may not have the appropriate level of medical insurance to cover your needs. We here at Harting, Simkins, & Ryan, L.L.P., are familiar with the immediate and long-term financial challenges that can arise as a result of unmanageable medical bills. That is why we are committed to helping our clients receive necessary medical treatment on a lien basis.

Medical negligence on the decline

Over the past few years, the entire medical care industry has received an increasing amount of scrutiny and criticism over the level of care that is provided to patients. And while California state and federal legislators continue to debate health care reform policies, there is evidence to suggest that some guidelines are having a positive impact on patient care.

California medical malpractice guidelines and statistics

Unfortunately for countless families across the state of California and the entire country, they are forced to endure the immediate and long-term consequences of fatal medical mistakes. And while some victims of medical negligence are successful in pursuing personal injury and wrongful death claims, others are left with few legal options for compensation. Current statistics and legislative guidelines shed light on medical malpractice procedures in the state of California.

Who is liable in a multi-vehicle collision?

The accurate determination of liability is a crucial component of any personal injury case, and is often at the heart of car accident injury lawsuits in California. The process of identifying which party or parties was responsible for causing an injury accident can be complicated, however, in incidents involving more than two vehicles. If you or a loved one were injured in a multi-vehicle crash, your ability to pursue personal injury claims can depend largely on how liability is determined in your case.