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Dog bite injuries and implications

The attorneys at Harting, Simkins & Ryan, L.L.P., are all too familiar with the level of violence and damage that can result from dog attacks. Every day, people across the state of California and the country are personally impacted by painful dog bite incidents. If you or a loved one were involved in an animal attack, it’s important to understand the nature and severity of issues that you may be confronted by, as well as your rights as a potential personal injury claimant.

In order to fully appreciate just how profound a dog bite incident can be, it’s important to recognize that resulting injuries can be painful and permanent. In addition to having your skin punctured, you may have also sustained serious damage to muscle tissue and other organs. Reconstructive surgery may be necessary, and you could even require physical therapy and other long-term treatments. Beyond physical injuries, it’s also important to note that many animal attack victims suffer serious emotional difficulties relating to their traumatic incident, as well as complications linked to resulting physical disabilities and scarring.

In addition to the immediate and long-term injuries that you may experience as a dog bite victim, you may also find yourself confronted by a number of financial difficulties. Often times, animal attacks result in emergency medical care. Treatments like rabies shots and skin grafts are not only expensive but painful, and are known to be associated with extended amounts of missed work. That is why accurately identifying and anticipating your pain and suffering, in addition to financial losses, is an important aspect of dog bite injury claims.

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