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Motorcycle hazards and safety precautions

The safety of motorcycle riders on California roadways can depend largely on environmental factors. Serious accidents can occur when motorcycles are subject to unpredictable and/or extreme weather conditions, in addition to debris and any number of other hazards. Fortunately, there are precautions that motorcycle riders can take to promote the safety of themselves and others on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle accident incidents are often caused by road design and maintenance issues. For instance, road signs and barriers can pose a real threat to motorcyclists. Other major factors that are known to contribute to serious and fatal motorcycle crashes are uneven and broken pavement. Potholes and pavement ridges as low as 1.5 inches can cause a motorcycle to become unstable, and increasingly popular rubberized asphalt sealers can affect motorcycle traction.

In order to account for the many preventable and unexpected hazards that motorcycle riders can encounter, Farmers Insurance offers several helpful tips to avoid motorcycle accident injuries. For one thing, it’s recommended that motorcycle riders be aware of current weather conditions before they ever take to the road. And when it comes to more unpredictable weather conditions like high winds, motorcyclists are encouraged to look out for falling debris. Maintaining good posture and maneuvering into the wind can also help motorcycle riders keep control over their vehicles.

In the event that motorcyclists are confronted by debris and other road hazards, it’s also important that they know how to swerve around and/or ride over objects properly. In most instances, motorcyclists are advised to maintain a tight hold on their hand grips and absorb the shock of rolling over uneven surfaces by slightly raising their bodies off their bike.

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