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Teenage boy severely injured in fatal bicycle accident

Bicycles are the transportation of choice for many kids across the state of California and beyond. Not only do they provide children with a sense of independence but they also satisfy a youthful craving for speed and adrenaline. And while children are typically required to wear helmets and other safety gear, young riders can be forced to endure serious injuries in the tragic event that they are involved in a bicycle accident.

A tragic accident involving a 13-year-old boy riding his bicycle occurred recently when the boy was struck by a motorcycle. The force of the impact reportedly caused the motorcycle rider to be thrown from his bike. He ultimately succumbed to his injuries after landing beneath a moving vehicle. Witnesses at the scene of the accident claimed that the boy was laying in the center of the road after the accident, and that he was in obvious distress. No one else was reportedly injured.

The young bicycle accident victim was expected to undergo subsequent surgeries after having his leg amputated. There was no word on his prospect of rehabilitation. Family members did note that he was awake and aware of his situation. It was also not stated who, if anyone was responsible for causing the fatality incident.

Bicycle accident victims often carry the lifelong scars of being involved in such tragic incidents. Beyond that, they can require ongoing medical care and assistance to address their injuries. Seeking legal counsel is typically one important aspect of ensuring that accident victims and their families receive the compensation they deserve.

Source: newsnet5.com, “13-year-old boy loses leg in motorcycle versus bicycle crash,” Nikki Ferrell and Kristin Volk, Aug. 25, 2014

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