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September 2014 Archives

How are wrongful death claims handled?

When a tragic accident occurs, it can be difficult to properly identify who, if anyone is at fault. Wrongful death claims attempt to account for the preventable death of a person or people, and can be pursued under several different circumstances. That is why having a basic understanding of who is eligible to pursue wrongful death complaints, and how these types of personal injury claims generally proceed, can be helpful to moving forward with your own wrongful death case.

Police dog attack raises liability concerns

Law enforcement and other California emergency response agencies are increasingly utilizing the unique skills of highly trained dogs to perform a number of vital duties. As dog training experts and handlers are still realizing the full potential of the animals, however, they can be confronted by the more unpredictable tendencies and/or aggressive behaviors that many dogs exhibit.

New California law aims to protect cyclists

Even though many bicycle enthusiasts are quick to note the health and recreational benefits of cycling, they often concede that bicycle riding involves inherent risks. Riding a bicycle in an urban environment can be especially dangerous, as cyclists typically have no choice but to navigate around vehicular traffic and other obstacles. Fortunately, cyclists in the state of California may ride a little easier knowing that a new law has officially gone into effect.

Reedley crash involves limo

When people invest in California limousine service, they often have an occasion to celebrate. Limousines are specifically suited to host large groups of people, and offer clients the luxury of being able to relax as a professional delivers them to their destination. And while limousine service is intended to be a safe transportation option for those who prefer not to drive themselves, passengers are not entirely safeguarded from being involved in a serious car accident.

Huntington Beach accident kills bicyclist

No matter how many safety precautions bicycle riders take on the road, there is little that anyone can do to protect themselves from being involved in an accident with a drunk driver. The reckless and negligent actions of motorists driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs result in thousands serious injury collisions across the state of California every year. And those DUI incidents involving bicycles often prove to be even more catastrophic.

I was in a motorcycle accident: Now what?

If you or a loved one were recently involved in a motorcycle collision, there are a number of considerations and steps that you can take to help ensure that any potential personal injury claims are submitted and processed efficiently. After all, effectively proving your liability claims may be the best and only way to receive necessary compensation for your injuries and/or financial losses.

Teenage boy severely injured in fatal bicycle accident

Bicycles are the transportation of choice for many kids across the state of California and beyond. Not only do they provide children with a sense of independence but they also satisfy a youthful craving for speed and adrenaline. And while children are typically required to wear helmets and other safety gear, young riders can be forced to endure serious injuries in the tragic event that they are involved in a bicycle accident.

Fatal dog attack results in murder trial

Everyone should have the right to walk down the street without fear of being attacked by anyone or anything. Unfortunately, however, the possibility of being involved in a dog attack is all too real and far too many incidents result in serious injuries and even death. That is why authorities and prosecutors make a point to distinguish whether or not an animal attack could have been prevented when determining who, if anyone is liable for an incident.