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Young driver involved in fatal bicycle accident

While major cities like Los Angeles, California, are taking efforts to improve riding and safety conditions for cyclists, there are still many places where bicycle riders and motorists have no choice but to share road lanes. Narrow and winding roads can prove especially dangerous for bicycle riders because visibility is often limited and motorists do not always look out for bicycles ahead. As a result, countless avoidable accidents occur around the country every year.

California Highway Patrol officers were encouraging bicycle riders to be particularly vigilant about adhering to road safety guidelines in the wake of a recent fatal bicycle accident that happened in Santa Maria. They also called on motorists to be aware of how their driving habits can impact bicycles on the road. The incident that prompted renewed concerns over bicycle safety was still under investigation, and authorities were reportedly attempting to determine the factors that contributed to the fatal collision. However, they did apparently rule out alcohol and drugs as playing a role in the incident.

The fatality accident occurred when a 33-year-old man riding a recumbent bicycle was struck by a pickup truck pulling a horse trailer. The truck was allegedly attempting to pass the bicycle when the incident happened. The bicycle rider unfortunately did not survive the incident, but neither the driver of the truck nor his passenger was hurt.

The driver of the pickup truck was only reportedly 16 years old. It was not stated whether his age may factor into the incident in any way. Bicycle accident victims and their families can confront immediate and ongoing difficulties from being involved in a serious incident. That is why speaking with a knowledgeable attorney can be helpful before pursuing personal injury claims.

Source: keyt.com, “Recumbent Cyclist Killed Was UCSB Grad Student,” Keith Carls, Aug. 15, 2014

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