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San Diego motorcyclist injured in collision with truck

Despite the fact that some California motorists may be annoyed or even offended by the fact that motorcycle riders are allowed to navigate between lanes on the road, they are still obligated to drive responsibly and account for all surrounding vehicles. Even in instances where traffic has slowed, motorists should not assume that motorcycles may not approach at higher speeds and/or attempt to pass.

One motorcycle rider was recently transported by air to an area hospital for emergency medical treatment after he was involved in a serious collision with a tractor-trailer in Oceanside. The 21-year-old motorcycle accident victim was only freed from the collision after emergency responders were able to use specialty tools to remove him from the wreckage. The victim’s legs were reportedly trapped beneath the trailer.

According to California Highway Patrol officers, the driver of the tractor-trailer became aware of the collision after the motorcyclist was already beneath his trailer. The motorcycle rider collided with the trailer after hitting another vehicle. The other car was apparently in the process of changing lanes when it was hit from behind by the motorcycle. Traffic was reportedly moving at speeds between 30 and 50 mph, but the motorcycle was moving as fast as 75 mph because it was driving between lanes.

Authorities did state that they didn’t suspect that alcohol played a role in the accident. However, they did not confirm who, if anyone was at fault in the serious motorcycle collision. Lane splitting is legal in the state of California and motorcycle riders have the right to pass up vehicular traffic in many circumstances. Motorcycle accident victims and their families can speak with an attorney about their case and learn their rights as possible claimants today.

Source: Times of San Diego, “‘Lane Splitting’ Motorcyclist Badly Injured in Cash on I-Five,” Chris Jennewein, July 20, 2014

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