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Logging truck involved in fatal motorcycle crash

For many, the great appeal of motorcycles is their maneuverability and speed. Motorcycles provide riders with a truly unique experience on the road, as motorcyclists see and feel their environment differently than other motorists. Unfortunately, though, many of the same qualities that make motorcycle riding so enjoyable are the very factors that can contribute to the severity of motorcycle accident injuries when they occur.

Two of the four people riding in a group of motorcycles in Northern California recently did not sustain injuries in an accident with a logging truck. One of the riders, however, was hurt when his bike overturned after he veered quickly and lost control. The fourth member of the motorcycle group sadly lost her life in the incident. The 48-year-old fatality victim was apparently struck and ultimately pinned by logs that fell off a truck, which overturned on the road.

The fatal motorcycle collision occurred in the late morning and it took California Highway Patrol officers several hours to clear the site for traffic. Upon investigating the incident, authorities claimed that the truck involved overturned after moving into a sharp bend in the road. The group of motorcycle riders was then confronted by the oncoming load of logs that fell off the truck. The truck driver also sustained an injury in the accident. It is not stated whether speed contributed to the incident.

Given the nature and severity of many motorcycle collisions, victims and their families often require ongoing medical and financial support. A knowledgeable attorney can help people understand their legal rights and options as victims and potential claimants.

Source: Record Searchlight, “UPDATED: Motorcyclist killed in logging truck accident identified,” August 5, 2014

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