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Fatal motorcycle crash witnessed by many

Those unfortunate enough to have experienced a road accident for themselves can attest to the fact that it only takes an instant for tragedy to strike. Every year, thousands of motorcycle riders across the state of California and beyond are involved in serious collisions and too often authorities are unable to properly identify who, if anyone is at fault. Sometimes it comes down to the reports of eyewitnesses at the scene of a motorcycle accident to make sense of the evidence and lead authorities in the direction of the truth.

One woman who was involved in a recent incident in Del Mar, California, was driving a U-Haul van traveling east in a line of traffic when her vehicle was struck by a motorcycle head-on. The unmanned motorcycle hit the U-Haul after striking another car. Law enforcement officers and accident investigators stated that speed likely played a role in the incident, but they did not know exactly how fast the motorcycle rider was going when he lost control of his bike.

The body of the 22-year-old motorcyclist came to rest beneath a car. It was believed that the bike slid up to 300 feet after the accident victim was thrown from it, and witnesses at the scene claimed that another motorcycle and car may have somehow been involved in the accident. Another witness stated that the motorcycle rider began to swerve after possibly making contact with a traffic cone in the center of the road.

Witnesses included other motorists in the area as well as pedestrians leaving the local race track. Motorcycle accident victims and their families sometimes rely on the statements of witnesses to help explain how and why an incident occurred. An experienced attorney can review witness accounts and help victims seek compensation for their injuries.

Source: CBS 8, “Deadly motorcycle crash in Del Mar,” Abbie Alford, July 20, 2014

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