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August 2014 Archives

Multi-vehicle accident in LA kills 1

Los Angeles, California, residents spend hours in traffic every week, and many would agree that the issue of congested freeways only continues to get worse. Not only must motorists be wary of other drivers and motorcycles but they must also contend with an ever increasing number of semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, such factors can play a large role in the nature and severity of car accidents that occur on L.A. roadways.

Young driver involved in fatal bicycle accident

While major cities like Los Angeles, California, are taking efforts to improve riding and safety conditions for cyclists, there are still many places where bicycle riders and motorists have no choice but to share road lanes. Narrow and winding roads can prove especially dangerous for bicycle riders because visibility is often limited and motorists do not always look out for bicycles ahead. As a result, countless avoidable accidents occur around the country every year.

Investigation into bike-share programs reveals surprising finds

News of the increase in commuter bicycle use is often coupled with concerning statistics regarding accident and injury rates throughout cities like Los Angeles, California. Interestingly, however, new research shows that one specific demographic of cyclists may actually be subject to lower bicycle accident rates in cities across the country.

Surgical never-events and wrongful death claims

Losing a loved one to an illness and/or medical complications can be incredibly difficult on an emotional and financial level. Families are often encouraged that a particular procedure or course of medical treatment will improve their relative’s condition or quality of life. Unfortunately, however, there are instances where purely avoidable medical mistakes result in patients’ death in medical facilities across the state of California and the entire country. Consequently, wrongful death claims can be introduced by representatives of patients believed to have been subjected to fatal acts of medical malpractice.

California dog fatalities rank high on national list

Pet owners, animal rights activists and California state legislators have long discussed the proper prevention and prosecution of dog attacks. Some argue that it is the sole responsibility of dog owners to train animals and protect others from potentially aggressive behavior. While others contend that more can be done on the local and state level to manage animal populations and criminalize dog attack incidents. For now, all that anyone may agree on is that fatal attacks are more prevalent than most would assume.

Logging truck involved in fatal motorcycle crash

For many, the great appeal of motorcycles is their maneuverability and speed. Motorcycles provide riders with a truly unique experience on the road, as motorcyclists see and feel their environment differently than other motorists. Unfortunately, though, many of the same qualities that make motorcycle riding so enjoyable are the very factors that can contribute to the severity of motorcycle accident injuries when they occur.

The real cost of fatal truck accident incidents

As people make their daily commutes across urban metropolises like Los Angeles, California, they may notice that they are sharing the road with more commercial trucks than ever before. And while motorists might comment and/or be annoyed over the increase in traffic, some are looking at the bigger picture and raising concerns over fatal accident rates involving commercial trucks.

Fatal motorcycle crash witnessed by many

Those unfortunate enough to have experienced a road accident for themselves can attest to the fact that it only takes an instant for tragedy to strike. Every year, thousands of motorcycle riders across the state of California and beyond are involved in serious collisions and too often authorities are unable to properly identify who, if anyone is at fault. Sometimes it comes down to the reports of eyewitnesses at the scene of a motorcycle accident to make sense of the evidence and lead authorities in the direction of the truth.

San Diego motorcyclist injured in collision with truck

Despite the fact that some California motorists may be annoyed or even offended by the fact that motorcycle riders are allowed to navigate between lanes on the road, they are still obligated to drive responsibly and account for all surrounding vehicles. Even in instances where traffic has slowed, motorists should not assume that motorcycles may not approach at higher speeds and/or attempt to pass.